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Dry sandblasting Painted equipment

Harry Joles Maintain Painting & Sandblasting will use a combination of pressure washing, wet-and-dry sand blasting, and hand-tool cleaning for a flawless surface ready to receive the right mixtures of industrial paint.

Protect Your Gear with Industrial Painting

Give your industrial building a fresh coat of paint from Harry Joles Maintain Painting & Sandblasting. No job is too big or to small for us. Just tell our experienced staff members what you're looking for and leave the rest to us. We do industrial building painting, sand plant building painting, industrial job painting, pull sheds, farms, tanks, silos and car washes.


You'll get an experienced team with the knowledge needed to make your project a success.

Looking for two-component, fiberglass wall coatings? Harry Joles Maintain Painting & Sandblasting can install this fiberglass-and-epoxy mesh to your exact specifications to create functional spaces for your work.

Discover a meticulous painting process

Create functional space using proper coatings

Harry Joles Maintain Painting & Sandblasting uses Stranlock® Fiberglass Reinforced Two-Component Coatings to create water-and-chemical-resistant work spaces.

Top-tier surface prep is the key to our success - call today to learn more!


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